For Prevention and Treatment of Liver and Muscle Dystrophy

Composition: Sodium selenite, vitamin E acetate, choline chloride, acetyl methionine, ornithine hydrochloride, excipients.

Action: It increases triglycerides transport from the liver to peripheral adipose tissue by increasing very-low-density lipoproteins and supporting normal liver function. It inhibits the formation of free radicals and activates glutathione peroxidase, thus preventing accumulated fat from becoming peroxides and causing the resulting cell damage. It takes part in the urea synthesis cycle by activating the ornithine transferase enzyme, decreasing the plasma ammonia level and reducing liver risk. It protects the enzymatic system from steroid catabolism by decreasing pathological hyperestrogen syndrome. It activates neoglucogenic flux, thus increasing the plasma glucose level.

Indications: For the prevention and cure of hepatic coma; infertility due to embryonic death or ovarian cysts, and ketosis. Indicated for curing hepatic intoxication by mycotoxicosis and the prevention of placental retention, metritis and downer cow by hypocalcemia or hypomagnesemia (generated by the Fat Cow Syndrome). For treatment of animals in cases of sudden reduction in feed intake. For use in extended antibiotic treatment. Effective for the treatment of myodystrophy in lactating lambs (white muscle disease). Preparation of farm animals for exhibition.
Intended for myodystrophy in horses. Used as antioxidant in the preparation of animals for competition.

Dosage: Administer 10 ml via IM injection (in cattle and horses). Repeat as instructed by veterinarian.
Presentation: 100 ml bottle.

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